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Sep 29, 2011 at 09:47 AM

Settings needed


Hi guys

We have a strange request from our client in our project. They insist that they need an additional client in SRM and ECC of QAS with new data to be tested. Server is same but just a new client.

What are the settings needed from XI side ? I have completed creating Technical and Business systems for the new client in SLD. I also understand that we need to create RFC Destinations between XI , SRM and ECC in all the scenarios in all the three servers including XI QAS.

Apart from that do I have to create anything more? Logical system, Port, Partner Profile etc for Idoc Transmission from ECC to SRM, are they client dependent ?

Again in SLD, I have grouped the Business systems into two and now the name of systems change when I transport. I mean ERD bceomes ERQ in QAS. So now I have a problem. If I edit the groupings and add new Quality Systems, it wont show to old clients in QAS.

I guess I can ONLY use either the old client or the new client in ECC and SRM for connecting to XI. Is my understanding correct ?