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Change Number Issue in CG02

Hi All,

I created a change number and uploaded certain identifiers for some substances. After uploading i am amazed to see that the previous data(Identifiers) available are overwritten and also all the property tree values are deleted. Now could you please tell me how can i retrieve the old change number data again, or is there any possibilities to delete the existing change number. Note : I tried to delete but i got a message that "Change Numbers not deleted(Materials Exists). Please help me on this issue.



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1 Answer

  • Posted on Oct 01, 2011 at 03:31 PM

    Hello Vignesh

    your result is "curious". The use of "change numbers" is not easy (not to say very tricky) in EH&S. Could you please provide more details regaridng how you have prepared the set up of the change number and how you have applied the process?

    Normally this is the process: you generate a change number so that data should be valid starting on some day (lets assum 01.01.2011). Now you should be able to do an upload by using the change number you have defined. Now If you take a look "today" in the system you should not "see" the loaded data.But you can change the "key date" in CG02. If you do so and you would select 01.01.2011 you should find the loaded values as an "add on". Now depending on your set up a number of results could come up.

    E.G. one possibility to use change number is to prepare DG data whcih should be valid in the future. To do so the "old" data must be "deleted" in some sense so that you have "unique" DG data starting this day.

    One further posibility is to perform an "update" on an existing datan record using change numbers.

    So it might happen that you have now "deleted" your "old" data by "wrong" using the change number approach.

    To my knowledge there is no way back. The EH&S system has performed a "split" in the data records in such a way that the old data does have noe the "Del" falg and is valid until "yesterday" and the new data record are valid from now on not having the del flag.

    So I am sorry. There is in my opinion o easy way to get the old data "back".

    May be refer to:

    Chapter " Engineering Change Management for Specifications". You will find there some explanations and a very seimple example etc.

    With best regards


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