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Sep 29, 2011 at 06:23 AM

Material availability check (RLT still used when Purchase Order exist for )



We have configured Material availability check to use RLT and Incl. purchase orders.

But if a PO exist for a material we do not want the RLT to be considered.

E.g. RLT for a material calculate 30 day. So if start date for operation is after that material availability check will give OK as result.

But if a PO exist for same Material exist we want that to be given priority even if it is after RLT date.

E.g. the PO delivery date is 40 days from today, RLT is 30 days from today and operation start date is 35 days from to day.

Then we should get a shortage on the material availability check, but we get ok. This is since RLT is 30 days.

My question to Material availability check is: We want RLT not to be used is PO exist for material, but if PO do not exist RLT shall be used. Is that possible?

Best regards

Tom Saga