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Mar 04, 2005 at 12:17 PM

Confirm an account and then update a view with the results of customer hist


Hello Everyone,

I have a question and was wondering if someone can help.

In IC Webclient, in a B2B scenario, I change the framework so that when it tries to call BuPaIbaseSearch view, calls instead IRecHistory.

My intention is that when we need to identify an account, we show the views BuPaSearchB2B and the IRecHistory, side-by-side. OK.

When we confirm an acount, I need to display the last five interaction records in the IRecHistory view.

The problem is that when I confirm an acount (at BuPaSearchB2B), this view (IRecHistory) changes his buttons layout, but doesn't fill the table with the data. When if I go to somewhere else, no matter what entry in my navigation bar, and then return, the table is now filled.

How can I fill this table, right after the confirmation of an account? Maybe a refresh of the IRecHistory view?? How can I manage that?

Can somebody give me hints?

Best regards

Bruno Garcia