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Sep 28, 2011 at 02:57 PM

How to avoid XVBPA line item values while creating sales order


Hi Friends

I am creating Sales order using function module IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS, for that I am passing partner details through segment E1EDKA1.If I pass the same partner details(Partner number, name1,name4,city,postel code) which is same like customer master,

I can able to book the order and entries are coming only one time in VBPA table(Header Item level).But if I change any value for the particular partner in the Input(For example Name4, there is no value in customer master but I added through program).Now its creating an order but its showing the entered partner informations in header level.When I checked the same in line item level, its not picking the values from header, its picking the values from customer master for that particular partner.

So this line item also coming in VBPA table, because its different from header data.

Anyone guide me, how to avoid this problem while booking order through program.