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Former Member
Sep 28, 2011 at 11:54 AM

Portal Content Translation


Hi All,

I have a PDK iview.I created a Worklist for translating the name of the iView and the text strings in the resource bundle.I changed the text in the resource bundle to German.Finally I Published the Worklist.

I also placed a small peice of code in my JSP using Java API for ResourceBundle and a print statement for printing the text from the resource bundle file in my project.This particual text i have already translated to German in the Worklist translation as explained above.

I then changed my browser language to German and refreshed the browser.I could see the the iView name which I had translated in German language but the text from the resource bundle still appears in English and not in German.

Could you please help me getting this text printed in my Browser language.

I urgently need help on this.

Warm Regards