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Sep 28, 2011 at 10:57 AM

how to modify Tender Contract using BAPI_TRADINGCONTRACT_CHANGE?


Hello dearest ABAP experts,

Good day to all.

Its been so long that I am testing how I could use this BAPI (BAPI_TRADINGCONTRACT_CHANGE) to update the batch in the item of the Tender Contract. I tried to search the net but no samples I had found. I read the documentation of this BAPI but no to avail I found a sample code to use. I tried by myself to pass items such as the table ITEMDATAIN and ITEMDATAINX where batch field is located. But to my dismay, I ended into an error on the RETURN table. The error is "Maintain external number for trading contract". When I check the Tender Contract, the field TKONN_EX is filled up. Even I debug the BAPI itself, this field TKONN_EX has a value.

I am not sure if I missed something to pass into the tables. Here are the inputs I passed:

Import Parameter



ITEMDATAIN = item No ("00010)

batch ("12345678CL")

ITEMDATAINX = item No ("00010)

batch ("X")

Any suggestions are much appreciated.