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Former Member
Sep 28, 2011 at 09:40 AM

LSMW for intial hire(internal number assignment)


Hi all,

I am doing LSMW for mass hire (support project)

I need LSMW to create employee with 0 1 and 2 infotypes, we do have internal number assignment( as the implementaion went long years back we have internal no assignment and we cant change to external )

i have created LSMW with batchrecordign where in i recorded 0, 1 and 2

when i upload the sheet its keep on creating the same pernr as the previous will be picked when you give pa40 or pa30

incase of external number assignemnt as we keep pernr in uploaded file pernr will be created only for that data as its internal we dont keep pernr in upload file and hence its keep on creating the same pernr.

and i made constnat 00000000 for fieldmappign to PENR its taking but it skip one numbet between eg:1 3 5 etc

when i tried batch recording using PA40 sometimes i got screenselection problem for action type so i recorded with PA30

please advice ..............................................hope any of you written lsmw for external number

please let me know your inputs