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Sep 28, 2011 at 09:36 AM

Availability control problem


Dear experts,

I have a question regarding the following. We currently have a project that is exceeding the budget, nevertherless, the availability control customizing is set to overall values and tolerance limit is at 105% (that´s the way it should be). This means that the operation can exceed the budget until 5% of the overall value, not the annual budget value.

After analyzing the figures, I can see that they should still be able to post actual costs, but an error of budget has exceeded comes up.

Let me explain what I did during the implementation:

1.- I assigned budget for the project in CJ30 at overall level and at year 2010 (the same amount in both).

2.- Then, I posted statistical costs in KAFD of the actual costs for year 2010 and previous years because the operation wanted this visible in SAP (they used a legacy system before).

3.- I did a carry forward of the remaining budget (available budget for 2011) in CJCO.

This is the amount they´ve been using this year. Please let me know if I did something wrong regarding the previous steps.

How then is the system showing an error message of budget exceeding if they still haven´t finished the overall 5%? The annual 5% is finished, but not the overall.

Your help would be much appreciated.