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Sep 28, 2011 at 05:41 AM

Missing ALEAUD idocs


Dear Experts,

For one of our existing interfaces for Delivery Idocs from R3 >PI >third party; we have an issue with the ALEAUD messages. This configuration is in place since a long time. Some of the Delivery Idocs are in status 12 in R3 system and they do not have the corresponding ALEAUD Idocs- hence the staus remains 12 and does not get changed to 39. The third party application has been receiving these delivery Idocs; hence I am not sure why we do not have ALEAUD messages getting created for these. I have checked the below:

In R3 WE09 I have searched ALEAUD messages for the Idocs in status 12 with filter: Segment:E1STATE and Field DOCNUM and heValue <Original Delivery Idoc Number>. For the 39 status idocs I do find ALEAUD Idocs corresponding to th original delivery Idoc. But for the Idocs in status 12; as suspected; I do not find ALEAUD messages.

In PI SXI_Monitor; I do not know how to corelate/find the ALEAUD message for a specific Delivery Idoc message. But I checked with approximate timestamp randomly and could not find the ALEAUD message for my delivery. Is there any other way to find if an ALEAUD message is created for an Original message?Checked in Trace and reliable messaging in SOAP header, response header; but no luck. For 1 hr I could find 2000 messages and going through each of them individually is not an option. I do not have time/aprovals to implement content based search on my production box within a short duration to apply any filter to find these messages.

Can you please help and tell me

1. How can I find/correlate ALEAUD messages for an original message in PI?

2. What could be the reason that ALEAUD messages are not getting generated; only for some messages; eventhough the same has been received at the Destination?