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Sep 28, 2011 at 01:41 AM

Customizing Data tables not filled after customizing adapter object load


Dear All,

We are trying to download customizing data from ECC to CRM and are using the initial load of Customizing objects (ex. DNL_CUST_KTOKD, DNL_CUST_BASIS etc.). The strange thing is when we start the initial load (from R3AS) of any customizing object, the object is running and then goes to success status (green) in R3AM1. But when we check the corresponding tables in CRM the data is not filled.


Transport Zones:

Trying to download 66 entries available in ECC when compared to 54 in CRM.

Table in TZONE in ECC has currently 66 entries and in CRM there are only 54 entries.

Started initial load of DNL_CUST_BASIS from R3AS and monitored it in R3AM1. Object is in success status in R3AM1 and with block size 1.

Checked table TZONE in CRM after object download; entries are still 54.

This is the same with all the other customizing objects (ex. DNL_CUST_KTOKD)

Please help me fix this issue.