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Sep 27, 2011 at 06:30 PM

UDC daatsource not activating after transporting


I am trying to transport UDC Infosource, transfer rules and datasource

to Quality environment. I am using the following steps ( as suggested by another thread):

Step 1) Go to Extras in the Communication Structure in the Info source

and there is a tab named u201CCreate BW Data Source with UD connectu201D

After step one u geta screen.

It has got 3 parts

1) RFC Destination: It is the remote function call Destination for Ex


2) UD connect Source: UD Connect source objects are multi-dimensional

or relational data stores in the UD Connect sources, such as tables or


3) UD Connect Source Obj: Source object elements are the components of

UD Connect source objects, such as fields for tables, characteristics

and key figures of cubes.

Please make it sure to activate the transfer rules because even after

the transfer rules are made by UD connect they will have there status

as Modified. So activation is a must after the completion of UD connect


Step 3 After the Source Alignment and activation, the Data source

generated will start with 6BRS****. And the same will be used for

extraction of Data in development system using RSA3.

Use RSA 6 transaction for Making Transport request. Fin the DS

generated by the name 6BRS** and click the transport tab on the top of

the screen in RSA 6.

Transport of the request generated by RSA6.

As soon as we transport the request using Tcode SE10 it fails initially

but no need to worry it is a basic message that informs you that not

imported... and u need to import the request as stated below

Step 5- How to import the request after it fails

Go to the system where the DS request needs to be imported

Using tcode SA38 and use the program.


As soon as we press execute we get a screen giving u two options askin

if u wana import the DS request by request or DS by DS so use first

option which leads to import of all the DS in the request

Step -6 Import Infosource, Transfer rules etc.

Using the above steps, I have been able to successfully transport one

UDConnect dataflow. But another one is giving me issues.

I have tried using rs_transtru_activate-all etc. but it does nothing.

Thanks for all your help.