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Former Member
Sep 27, 2011 at 03:57 PM

Exit Data Slice issue



I have planning filter on 0FISCPER.

In Exit Data slice, Is Rstricted, i have selected the check box for 0FISCPER.

and then in Exit data slice class-Is protected method, i am doing some data selection to check if the user entered fiscper is existing in a table and then trowing a message, saying "user can't do planning for this period".

In exit class debugging i can see all the above logic was executed, but at the end it is throwing "Axis is not ready for input", but not throwing the acutual message in the class.

So can you please advise me, can we use planning filter characteristics in "Is Restricted" and then use in is protected?

also advise me how can we validate planning filter values against a table values, i though it is possible in Exit data slice. Do you have any idea on this?