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Sep 27, 2011 at 03:44 PM

Why am I not getting correct Personnel number range.



Apologies I am HR functional newbie. I have searched forum but cannot find answer.

I have maintained personnel number ranges i.e. PA04 for interval CZ (values 18000000 to 18999999), and set this to external.

Then in feature numkr for molga 18 I define, for personnel area CZ01, to return a value of CZ.

In SU3 I set MOL = 18, and UGR = 18.

When I run PA40, to hire a person, and enter personnel area CZ01, I would expect to be able to enter a personnel number 18000000, but I get error message saying that Number Range 01 is internal.

Why is it referring to 01 when it should be going to number range CZ?