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Former Member
Sep 27, 2011 at 11:06 AM

SOAP error message


Hi everybody,

I am facing a problem I am a little overstrained with. I made a web service for read only access of sales order data. After some struggle with the authorization, I now get a SOAP error message as response.

 <E_TEXT>&lt;no error message available>: ("Message "SalesOrderViewNameReadByIDQuery_sync{}" nicht unterstützt (Interface: "ZZBY002657_SALESORDER" Binding-Schl.: "0000000000011EE0B69046BD753F85D3")")</E_TEXT>

I am not sure if the sales order Interface in general is not supported yet or just a missing query. I built the web service via wizard so in my opinion I donu2019t have to create a special query. Well, I hope so.

If somebody can figure out the reason of the error. Please inform me.

Best Regards