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Sep 27, 2011 at 10:40 AM

RRB Billing with two service materials



I have a query on the RRB billing with more than 1 service material.

In DIP profile, i maintained 2 materials (A&B) with same set of Cost element group. In Contract order, two line items are created with the above materials. Line item with material A is account assigned to WBSE A and Line item with material 2 is assigned to WBSE B. While generating billing request via DP91, I am getting material A in both line items for the billing request and the billing value is fetched from the respective WBSEs ( ie Line item 1, Material A and Billing value from WBSE A & Line item 2, Material A and billing value from WBSE B)

Can someone advise me how to derive Material B in line item 2 instead of Material A for the billing request ?

I have my doubt on the same set of Cost elements i used for both material determination critieria. Please advise


Deepak Joy