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Sep 27, 2011 at 09:00 AM



Hi team,

We are facing the problem to import the data for Payroll CH: Importing

withholding tax

Scales as per Sap Note SAP Note 990670

We have referred the client 000 maintain required the table entries in

table V_T5C2k

1. we are using the T.code pc00_m02_uqst2 to import the data for two

cantons SO (Solothurn) and SG (St. Gallen) after running the system is

showing the all recoded uploaded. For Canton SO when we are check the

table V_T5C2H we found that few of withholding scales are missing (B0d,

C1d, C3d) as we have made entries in the table V_T5C2k as per importing


2. For the Canton SG we have run the t.code pc00_m02_uqst2 with import

file after that system showing the message all records have been

uploaded in to system when we are trying to check the table V_T5C2H

system is showing the dump

Kindly let us know what we are following the process is correct? Or we

need to do any changes please advise

looking for help because this is need for september month payroll



Please update the mobile no in B card

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