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Sep 27, 2011 at 08:36 AM

Best way to access Archive data



I need to change few customized reports (z-reports) to make it fetch data from IXOS server.

This is done for SAP IS-H reports. So some of the tables for eg NBEW(movement table) will be archived and a correspoding

infostructre will be created acting as an indice to archive database.So my query is what is the correct approach to read the data from the IXOS server.

1. Query the infostructure . Change each select statement to make it read from the infostruture which points to IXOS

2. Directly read files using unix commands.

When we use option 1 or 2 what are the benefits ? which is better?

Some times may need to query both sap databse and IXOS, if the date range overlaps So what are the performance impacts.

Any ideas is highly appreciated.

Thank you.