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Sep 27, 2011 at 06:39 AM

a question about the implementation of SAP PS.


Dear Experts

we have gotten the SAP ERP licence and we want to implement it in our enterprise. we have two option for PS system:

option 1- we take a SAP Partner, they configure and implement the PS system.

option 2- we take a full courses as below for our group

PLM200, PLM210, PLM220, PLM230, PLM240,PLM280 and PLM 510

and by consult of SAP Partner we configure and implement the system.

it seems that the second option is very valuable for our team and we can get the SAP certificate, However it take more time. but i am not sure by passing this courses we are able to configure and implement the approprite system.

how is your idea about this dilemma?

please guide me.


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