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Sep 27, 2011 at 06:11 AM

.NET Data Provider for mySAP


Hello Forum,

We are trying to use .NET Data Provider for mySAP. We have successfully installed Data Provider on our SQL Server 2005 Machine and now we are trying to do configuration in our SAP Test Server. When we run Transportation routines on our application server, we get following message.

trqtest:trtadm 38> tp import client140 BI1K900388 TRT pf=/usr/sap/trans/bin/TP_DOMAIN_TRP.PFL U2

This is tp version 372.04.71 (release 701)

Warning: Parameter DBLIBPATH is no longer used.

ERROR: stopping on error 16 during DD IMPORT

stopping on error 16 during DD IMPORT

tp returncode summary:

TOOLS: Highest return code of single steps was: 16

WARNS: Highest tp internal warning was: 0118

tp finished with return code: 16


A tool used by tp broke down

trqtest:trtadm 39>

Can somebody help why is the same happening?