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Sep 26, 2011 at 10:14 PM

OPL8 (Order type dependent parameter)


Hi All,

Please clarify the following will be grateful.

I have a inhouse material thatu2019s having alternative sequence. The above material uses order type PP01, so OPL8 (Order type dependent parameter) configured in such a way that ALTERNATIVE SEQUNCES is (Checked) and SEQUENCE EXCHANGE is u201C0u201D (i.e., No Selection).

For the above settings what I meant is, even though if a material is having alternative sequences that wonu2019t get copied in to the order.

But here is the issue starts for the following setting

u2022 ALTERNATIVE SEQUNCES is (Checked) and

u2022 SEQUENCE EXCHANGE is u201C0u201D (i.e., No Selection)

Alternative sequence operations are available for the order on COOIS screen for the following selection

LIST : Operations

Layout: 000000000001 (Standard)

Please explain me how ALTERNATIVE SEQUNCES and SEQUENCE EXCHANGE will work.

Thanks in Advance