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Sep 26, 2011 at 04:43 PM

HELP_START for multiple fields


Hi All,

I created a custom search help and need to call it from POV. I can't attach it to data dictionary because I need to call different search help for different condition.

The search help i created has multiple input and multiple output and the input should be taken from value entered by the user on the screen, the output in the other side should populate mulitple fields on the screen. It's similar to sales area search help. When we enter sales org 1000 for example and we trigger search help from division, the search help will only display all combination of dist channel and divisions under sales org 1000, and after we choose one entry, it will populate all those three fields (sales org, dist. channel, and division) eventhough the F4 is pressed from division field.

I found FM HELP_START which seems to be able to display a search help in a single function call. However I found that it can only output to one single field, i.e. the first export field of the defined search help. It does not populate other fields and it does not take into account other fields values.

I have tried using FM DYNP_VALUES_READ beforehand, but it still does not work. I have not used DYNP_VALUES_UPDATE though because it seems it's been called by HELP_START itself.

Is there any other FM I can use to display the search help, preferably in a single function call, that work for multiple fields?

I've tried to search the internet, but have no luck.

Appreciate your help.