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Sep 26, 2011 at 03:17 PM

IO automatic creation of plan settlement rule according to actual settlemen


Hi guys,

does anybody know, if it is possible to create mass wise plan settlement rules on internal orders according to actual settlement rule? Sounds like a normal requirement, but I did not find anything.

Automatic creation of settlement rule seems only to work like (KSR1_ORC in customizing):

01 No autom. calculation / manual maintenance

02 Settlement to a profitability segment

03 Settlement to a requesting cost center

04 Settlement to a responsible cost center

05 Settlement to sales order

06 Settlement to a WBS element

08 Settlement rule from assigned WBS element

30 Settlement on Acct Assgnmnt from CRM or Errors

31 Settlement on Acct Assgnment from CRM or on Event

35 Settlement on Receiver from Accounting Indicator

but nothing like "automatic on basis actual settlement rule"....

Note: we can not use any of the above rules for plan, since also actual has to be entered manually.