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Sep 26, 2011 at 12:53 PM

Issue with passing parameters through Java-JSP in a report with cross tab


Can anyone tell me, if there's a bug in Java SDK in passing the parameters to a report (rpt file) that has a cross tab in it ?

I hava report that works perfectly fine

ℹ️ with ODBC through IDE and also through browser (JSP page)

(ii) with JDBC in CR 2011 IDE

the rpt file has a cross tab and accpts two parameters.

When I run the JDBC report through JSP the parameters are never considered. The same report works fine when I remove the cross tab and make it a simple report.

I have posted this to CR SDK forum and have not received any reply. This have become a blocker and because of this our delivery has been postponed. We are left with two choices,

ℹ️ Re-Write the rpt files not to have cross-tabs - This would take significant effort


(ii) Abandon the crystal solution and try out any other java based solutions available.

I have given the code here in this forum posting..

CR 2011 - JDBC Report Issue in passing parameters