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Sep 26, 2011 at 10:08 AM

Implementing hierarchical row level security



I'm implementing row level user security in universe with the help of @variable ('BOUSER').

I have user table and join to domain table on domain id.

That means let's say if user table has entries like

user id = 1

domain id = 101

then user name sysadmin who has id =1 has access to domain name = '/' having domain id =101

In user table i have 2 users 1. Sysadmin 2. Report

sysadmin is related to domain id 101 which is root.

and report is related to domain id 301 which is some sub domain hence report user has access to only part of the entire system ..

Since sysadmin has access to root that means he has access to entire system ..

how can i implement this using @variable (BOUSER)

User table

User ID Domain Id User Name

1 101 Sysadmin

2 301 Report

Domain Table

Domain id Domain Name Parent Domain id

101 / 101

301 Production 101

401 Development 101

501 QA 301

601 Sales 401

as per this data Report user will have access to Production and Sysadmin to /

However requirement is : Report user should have access to Production and its subdomains

with this rule sysadmin will have access to all the domains .

Please help.