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Sep 26, 2011 at 09:32 AM

Java stack error



I am running PI7.11

We had an issue last week on our Production system where a couple of our interfaces got stuck in queue. Eventually the queues increased in sized so to resolve it we restarted our Java stack which helped us resolve the issue. This issue has been a persistent one since it keeps reoccurring almost every month.

The error that was being reflected when the interfaces where stuck was:

Delivering the message to the applicaton using connection File_ failed, due to: .engine.interfaces.messaging.api.exception: Failed to create Listener localejbs/AFWListener for connection File_ Reason: .engine.interfaces.messaging.api.exception: Failed to lookup object from JNDI for name localejbs/AFWListener. Reason: exceptions.NamingException: exception during lookuo operation object with name localejbs/AFWListener, cannot resolve object reference.

Although the issue was resolved by restarting the Java stack and increasing the File adapter thread to 20.

But still my issue is that I face this error quite frequently, almost like every month. Why does this problem reoccur? And to resolve it everytime we have to restart the Java stack. Is there any permanent way of handling this issue?

Thanks in advance