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Sep 25, 2011 at 05:45 PM

HCM P&F backend update : Form suppress save option


Hello All ,

We are facing a client requirement, wherein when the HCM P&F form reaches HR admin for processing ; HR admin has the option to choose an additional level of approver after him .

if he doesnt chooses , the form would be processed at that step & data is saved .

If he chooses , it goes for next level of approval & data is not saved .

We are controlling the backend update at that step by passing X or '' in the supress save option of form scenario in workflow container .

Limitation that we are facing is - either the save option at Process step can be X or ''.

if we make it X , HR admin can't save data even if he doesnt choose any additional approver .

Similarly , if we make it '' , data would be saved even if we select an additional level.

Is there any possibility that we can control the Supress save option dynamically through form fields selection ?

Any pointers are greatly appreciated .