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Sep 25, 2011 at 06:31 AM

Calculate difference Time dimension in MultiProvider, or use Lookup?


Hi All

In regards to analyzing procurement cycle in terms of calculating duration for each procurement stage, I designed different InfoCubes for each stage as was discussed in [this|Experts views to take approach for Purchasing analysis; forum. In each of IC, Date is used as Time dimension. Purchase Requisition and Item No. are available in each IC. The objective is to take difference of dates of each activity performed for particular Purchase Requisition.

Now the issue is, Multiprovider doesn't show PR information (From PR to Payment) as a single record. Because of this, no formula can be applied (difference of dates to calculate no. of days).

Am I doing something wrong? Is't this the application of MultiProvider? Should I go with the LookUp concepts to make another InfoCube and populate dates of each stage for each corresponding Purchase Requisition?


Warm Regards