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Sep 24, 2011 at 01:33 AM

Key Active Ingredient- Batch Specific costing


Dear All,

Customer has the following scenario.

They buy Hydrochloric acid at 30% concentration.

They make PO for 100 Kg of 30% concentration.

When they do GRN they found that the 100 Kg is with 28% conc.

Actually the Key active ingredient should be 30 Kg in 100 Kg, but it is only 28 kg in 100 Kg.

As per the price maintained, 1 kg of 30% Hydrochloric acid is 10 Rs. Since it is only 28% it should calculate 9.30 Rs /kg & for the GRN of 100 kg , it should be 93.33 Rs.

I have maintained the Key active ingredient conversion & stock is coming as 28 kg in KAI, but i dont know to do the batch specific proportionate costing & accounting data.

Pls help me.