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Sep 23, 2011 at 11:34 PM

exporting excel-- code fails to set options if custom options set in design


cr 11.5 sp2

I am programming with visual basic 6. I allow 2 options for exporting to excel (data only):

All headers

No headers

When I test on a report. It runs fine. But if I go into the designer and change an export option, I am in trouble.

I changed Export Object Formatting to true and saved the report. Now 'all headers' and 'no headers' looked the same. They were exactly what was set in the export options of the report.

I then deselected Export Object Formatting, and saved the report. Now I was back to the orginal report, except that I'd previously set something in report options. This didn't help. I'd lost control of dynamically changing the export options.

What am I doing wrong?