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Former Member
Sep 23, 2011 at 04:53 PM

Low performance on SAP B1


Hi everyone,

I have a company with SAP B1 2007B Pl 21 that had a migration process to a Dell Server (2x Xeons X5980 + 16GBRAM + Raid5 8 HD's SAP). They had Windows Server, SQL and SAP migrated in this process. After the process they reported a problem with the connection performance, which are taking about 7 minutes to log in on SAP and 10 minutes to change companies (no matter which one).

They have about 40 workstations and 2 of them dont have the problem, they take about 7 seconds to log in and 12 seconds averange to change companies (about the same time the client installed on the server does it).

For test purpose we cleaned up one machine and installed everything from blank. We put this machine on the same network node that the server is, along with the machine that works good, the scenario kept the same. We tried changing permissions too and nothing happend.

We are getting out of ideas.

Best regards,

Lucas Taliberti