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Former Member
Sep 23, 2011 at 01:54 PM

Xcelsius color changes between design and preview views


When I look at the color of a number of items (boxes, etc.), they look black in the design page (as they should be). When I press 'preview' or create an swf, they turn white. The reverse happens for much of the text that goes from white to black. Everything worked fine before I restarted my computer yesterday and now all files that I save/load from Xcelsius have this issue.

Also, for the first time I started getting messages about Excel being busy when I open Xcelsius files.

In what I can only describe as bizarre, the standard templates Xcelsius seem to work fine. However, just be saving them and then reloading them, it introduces the errors I have outlined above so it's not something I am doing wrong.

I have unistalled and re-installed Xcelsius so it can't be that. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.