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Sep 23, 2011 at 12:38 PM

Restore a maxDB database


Dear SAP,

I want to restore my SAP P11 system (ERP, MaxDB 7.x) to another VM server.

But the restore system connects to the source database, not to its own database.

Let's summarize :

1. P11-Source is my ERP-Source system, which runs on hostname11.

2. P11-Restore is my ERP-Restore system, which is restored on hostname33.

I have saved (VM backup) my P11-Source into hostname33 VM server.

1. I have changed all DEFAUTL.PFL profile (replace hostname11 by hostname33).

2. I have copied START_DVEBMGS00_hostname11 to START_DVEBMGS00_hostname33

I have also modified the START_DVEBMGS00_hostname33 (replace hostname11 by hostname33).

3. I have also copied P11_DVEBMGS00_hostname11 to P11_DVEBMGS00_hostname33

Now, when I start my P11-Restore system on hostname33, it works.

BUT, P11-Restore system connects to P11-Source database from hostname11.

Which parameter do I have to change to connect P11-Restore system to its own database in hostname33 ?

With my best regards

SAP NetWeaverAdmin