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Sep 22, 2011 at 09:20 PM

"DataSource 2LIS_03_BF contains data stil to be transferred" Erro


Hey Guys, I'm in the process of populationg the Setup tables for Inventory Management and following the below mentioned seq

1) Deteleted everything from Setup (for 03)

2) Populate the Intial Stock (2LIS_03_BX)

3) Updating the setup table for Material Movement - 2LIS_03_BF. It's going to since alomst 72 hrs and stil going on (as background job), I can see the data in setup table (in SE11) is growing

4) Now while Mat Movement is going on, the Update Table (in RSA7) is getting populated during this time

5) There is nothing in Delta Table in LBWQ (haven't scheduled any job yet)

6) Now, I have to start Mat Revaluation Setup as well (2LIS_03_UM)

7) When I try to start it now (while Mat Movement is still going on), but I get the message "DataSource 2LIS_03_BF contains data still to be transferred"

Here are my Questions

(A) - Can I start these two Set Up simultanously (for Mat Movement and Revaluation). The reason I am thinking to start revaluation now, as Mat Movement is taking too long, so I was thinking to start other one as well to save the time

(B) if yes, there any special step?

(C), Becuase if I start in normal way, it gives me above mentioned error. Though I have seen in past postings where people suggest that just start it as it is warning, however, I noticed it is not updating any data. The job finishes in few seconds

(D) There are no records in SM13 or LBWQ, but there are some in RSA7 for mat movement?

(E) Do I have to wait till Mat Movement is done and push the whatever Delta for movement, and then this Setup would kickin?

(F) I am doing this QA, what should be the best practice to do in Prod?

(G)..Last is it normal for Mat Movement to take that long ?

Thanking in adv