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Mar 01, 2005 at 11:13 AM

Configuring SSL throuth IISProxy


Hi, developers! Need yuor help.

I have SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0 SP2 installed. SSL was configured on J2EE Engine and it works.

I try to configure IISProxy( to support SSL, I've done all the procedures from "Network and Transport Layer Security" manual, but when I trying to access to https://<web_serv>.<mydomain>.ru it does not work. Log:

15:28:55 4040 E-Init IisProxy Extension terminating.

15:29:16 Global F-Init IisProxy Filter initializing.

15:29:16 Global F-Init IisProxy Filter initialized.

15:29:16 Global E-Init IisProxy Extension initializing.

15:29:16 3860 E-Init W SapInit(): SapSSLInit() failed: -40 (SSSLERR_PSE_ERROR)

15:29:16 Global E-Init IisProxy Extension initialized.

15:29:16 3512 SAP E SslConnection(): Cannot connect to <portal_serv>.<mydomain>.ru:50003

SapSSLSessionInit() failed: -6 (SSSLERR_INIT_FIRST)

My IISProxy.xml:

<ISAPI-config version="1.6">

<filter name="IisProxy filter" log-level="0" log-flags="0" debug-flags="0" priority="high" extension-url="/scripts/IisProxy.dll" authentication="forward" remote-address="skip" />

<extension name="IisProxy extension" log-level="0" log-flags="0" debug-flags="0" access="filter" />

<mapping name="IisProxy http" log-level="0" log-flags="0" debug-flags="0" keep-alive="true" use-continue="true" close-socket="true" close-socket-delay="1000" thread-count="100" max-socket-age="10">

<source access="filter">








<compress-types min-size="1024">text/html, text/plain</compress-types>





<source access="filter">




<prefix />


<source access="filter">







Thanks in advance!