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Sep 22, 2011 at 12:49 PM

Classification of Shares ( Equity)


Hello Expert,

I have some query related to our treasury module - eqity (product type 1A)

Generally company classifies it shares in two classes.

1. Class A share

2. Class B share. (Differance : one of the shaer is having more voting rights).

Now the problem is how we map this classification of share in SAP ( one solution : I can add these class in General Security Classification in t.code FWZZ). Is there any otherway where we defined these classes ?

Suppose i have maintained class as above ( in FWZZ general classification) and I have created two security ids one for class A and other for Class B. Now the scenario is my class A has 25 share transfered in Class B and i got the 100 class B share with refrence to class A 25 share. Now how system wil take care of this situation. I am not able to figure out.

It should reduce 25 share from security id 1 and add 100 share in security id 2.

Please help or atleast suggest is this possible or not ?