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Former Member
Sep 22, 2011 at 06:58 AM

Dynamic Hierarchy Editor setup for 7.5 MS


Hi Experts,

I'm kinda new to SAP BPC 7.5 MS SP4 and we're trying to configure the Dynamic Hierarchy Editor. W tried to configure it the same way we configure on SAP BPC 7.0 MS but filling up the necessary application parameters such as, ORG_ACCOUNTLIST, ORG_ACCOUNTOWN, ORG_INTCO, ORG_PARENTPROPERTY, ORG_OWNERSHIPCUBE, and OWNERSHIP_APP. I removed the ORG_OWNERSHIPCUBE and OWNERSHIP_APP property because I cannot open Admin Console and I encounter an error "Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'dbo.tblDefaults' with unique index 'IX_tblDefaults'. The duplicate key value is (_GLOBAL, BUSINESS_RULE_LIB, LEGALAPP, ORG_OWNERSHIPCUBE). The statement has been terminated.".

Any help or tips on how to make the Dynamic Hierarchy Editor work on SAP BPC 7.5 MS. The Groups and Entities are showing but not the fields for METHOD, PCON, POWN.

Thanks in advance,