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Sep 21, 2011 at 09:42 PM

Setup boardcasting to distribute report via email


Dear all,

I am running BI 7.01. I get a request that I need to schedule to run a query to email sales report to 100 salesmen in excel format every month automatically. Each report should only contain the information related to specific salesman based on the salesman number so every salesman will get different report. I know how to manually run the report and send out the report in excel format for individual user but I never use broadcasting to send out the reports to a group of users automatically every month.

I just wonder does anyone have similar project? First of all, I think I need to create the SAP account in BI for those 100 salesmen with their email address. 2nd should I create 100 variants for the salesmen to run their own report? 3rd Should I just go through Broadcasting wizard in portal to setup those 100 jobs? Do I need precalculation server for broadcasting and process chain to schedule the job.

I find some very useful link here such as

but I still feel little bit confuse and I just want to verify it. Thanks.

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