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Feb 28, 2005 at 10:27 AM

Compression terminated - RSM743



Sometimes a compression job of ours cancels with the following message:

<i>Compression terminated since no scheduled job/worklist BI_COMP_DP_INP01 was found

Message no. RSM743


Many BW staging background jobs transfer their worklist using the database with the job name as the key.

In this case, a job name was used that could not find a worklist in the database.


Check in transaction SM37 (job overview),

whether this job is known in the BW administration

whether it was rescheduled

whether the job name for rescheduling in SM37 was manually changed. This is not allowed for most BW processes.</i>

We can't quite figure out why because it normally runs fine and in that retrospect the message seems to make no sense. I have tried searching for the message number without any luck.

Have any of you guys experienced this problem?


Karsten Larsen