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Sep 21, 2011 at 06:35 AM

Queries related to Installation of EhP5 on ECC 6.0


Dear All,

We are planning for the install EhP5 on existing ECC 6.0 on Max DB 7.8.

Our DB Size about 600 GB.

We have gone through all the Pre-requisites, Master Guide and installation guides available on the market place.

From that we conclude that we would need to first implement, activate and test the same on the SandBox (copy of Production instance). Henceforth, we would call it as Test Server.

Once successful, do the same thing on DEV - QAS - PRD.


1. I would like to know how much time would it take for Installation and Activation of BFs. We have estimated 2 weeks for this on each server. i.e. TEST, DEV, QAS and PRD. Is this overkill?

2. For ABAP development, fixing and functional testing we are considering about 5 weeks on TEST Server and 2 weeks each on DEV,QAS and PRD.

I believe that DOING IS KNOWING. Hence I would like to verify this from the person who has done it instead of depending on the assumptions.

3. Once successful, we would install EhP5 on DEV and transport the TRs generated during activation of BFs in Test Server to DEV by copying CO files and Data files. Is this recommended approach?


Can we disable existing link of Transport Route from DEV-QAS-PRD and establish TEST-QAS-PRD and going forward this would become our future landscape? What are the potential risks or losses in this approach? (This might be my imagination so pardon me. Just out of box thinking.)