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Sep 21, 2011 at 01:50 AM

Reqired field check by plan.....



Any one help me to this enhancement. how to write the code in qqma0014 ->exit_sapmiwo0_020 ---> include xxxxxx.

for the below require ment. i am a new for this technology.. any one tell me step by step process and code for this req so anybody help....Thanks to all....

u2022 Based on the notification type and plan type (maintained in defect code QMFE- FECOD), fields are defined as mandatory or not. It is required to check mandatory fields for an entry and provide an error message if blank.

u2022 Implement SAP enhancement QQMA0014 - Checks before Saving Notification

u2022 Maintain entries in a custom table for each notification type and associated required fields. Enhancement QQMA0014 will check for an entry is made for each of the required fields within the quality notification. If no entry is made, then the system will provide an error message displaying specific fields without values.

u2022 When saving the notification, the custom table entries are checked against the SAP table fields as indicated below:

u2022 Get plan number from QMFE-FECOD