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Sep 20, 2011 at 10:01 PM

7.20 Patch 8 - Local Data / History Breaks on Windows 7


On Windows 7 - With SAPGui 7.20 Patch 6 installed you will find the following;

Open SAP Logon, Click Options, Local Data, History ... path will be

filled in as C:\Users\(userid)\AppData\Roaming\Sap\SAP Gui\History

Everything works just fine.

NOW un-Install Patch 6 ... reboot, and install SAPGui 7.20 Patch 8.

You will find the field for path to history is BLANK. History will not

work within the Gui.

Users must manually browse to the folder (within local data options)

and then it will populate and history within the Gui will resume


Customer Support Message 0000777626 2011 submitted