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Sep 20, 2011 at 03:10 PM

evdre error




I have a input schedule which was working fine earlier 2 weeks ago.

all of a sudden it says "evdre retrieving error from we server" . its the same input template that ran well before.

only changes tha happened was

upload of new version data

inspite of the webserver and .net are on version 2, noth are in synch, enough memory left in the back end to run this application and the input template

within the template :

when the report was working fine 2 weeks ago

1. there was a hierarchy with 12000 members it was fine and now though we reduced to 885 members it still does have the error

2. there are no parent members that the data is being sent to, infact all the pull and send are formula oriented now

earlier it was a straight pull from the data base still it was fine

3. now itis taking 10 minutes and time out, yes we increased the run time to 17 minutes but that di not serve any purpose either.

we are on SAP BPC NW 7.5 SP7