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Sep 20, 2011 at 08:52 AM

Creation of MRP Batch job


Hello PP Sapperu2019s

I need to create a MRP batchjob for one of my plant u2013 9030.I need to know the below highlighted details,

Job name : MRP Plant 9030

*Programname : *

*Variant: *

Frequency : Daily

Timing : 01.00 (during the night)

Step user :

Please help me to proceed with creation of MRP batchjob.

My requirement is to run MRP every night that reschedule the purchase order and create new purchase requestion in Total Horizon.

Need any further input please let me know.

PS:I also refer MDBT for the MRP jobs whihc already created for some other plants but seems to be different from the above requirement.