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BPM :: Messages not processed at outbound side

Hi Experts,

We have 1000+ synchronous messages with BPM for only two days in July which havent processed fully. Now oncoming messages are getting processed fine, but the messages which were waiting for outbound processing from July are still waiting.

inbound side there is a success flag and outbound side it is showing a clock symbol(looks like scenario is collecting / waiting)... cant see any failed/waiting messages iin queues .. when I checked the workflow logs few are showing workflow manually edited and processed after exception.

The date messages were triggered are 10/Jun and seems one or more messages were edited on 17/jun later.

Now we would like to know which workflow thrown the exception and what they have done during manual operation.

And how to process the remaining holding messages.

Thanks in advance for you ideas and suggestions.

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2 Answers

  • Sep 20, 2011 at 10:54 AM


    As you pointed out in your post that

    "inbound side there is a success flag and outbound side it is showing a clock symbol(looks like scenario is collecting / waiting)... "

    Now you have not explained your scenario completely. Still from the problem statement I can say that The BPM is waiting for some messages. There are three possible scenarios where you can see the clock symbol.

    You have the option of collecting multiple messages for an interface and bundling them into one message, for example, individual sales order items into one sales order. To do so, you need to define a receiver step within a loop. The loop can finish in a variety of ways.

    Payload-Dependent => The loop finishes when the number of messages received matches the number specified in the payload of the messages.

    Time-Dependent => The loop finishes at a specified point in time.

    Message-Dependent => The loop finishes when a specific message is received.

    Once all the messages have been received, a transformation step bundles the messages collected in the container element and from them creates a message in the container element .This message is then sent by a subsequent send step.

    The processes use one of the abstract interfaces as an inbound interface, and the other as an outbound interface.

    Your BPM cannot be time dependant, otherwise it would have completed processing by now.

    Either your BPM is message dependant or payload dependant. You need to find this out.

    Check out the correlation (if) used in BPM, and the condition in BPM which stops the message collection.

    Plesae check SXMB_MONI and study the messages which have been succesfully processed by the BPM, so if your BPM is message dependant you have to find out what message it needs to stop collecting the message, this you can do by studying the successful message processed by the BPM. In this case your BPM will contain a FORK step. In one branch of FORK step there will be a receive step, this is the step where you can find the message required to complete waiting stage of the BPM.

    Check if this message has arrived or not.

    If your BPM is Payload dependant, find out whether number of messages received by the BPM matches the expected count or not. In this case the BPM must have a container operation to count the messages received. If the count is less than required value, the BPM will remain in waiting state.



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    Sep 27, 2011 at 03:57 AM

    Hi experts,

    We have traced the issue, due to buffering issue the messages are on hold.

    now we want clear all the messages on hold(mandatory for our case due to dependency on time & date ) and want to do a fresh run for the job.

    As we are not allowed to use SWWL to clear the workflows, request you to suggest alternatives where we can delete the workflows.(where it doesnt effect ongoing other BPM messages which are scheduled.)

    how to identify work item numbers of holding messages in bulk instead of opening each message and is there any way to delete logically the same work items in bulk.



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