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Former Member
Sep 19, 2011 at 09:33 PM

2LIS_02_SCL data issue


Hello All,

We have urgent data issue with 2LIS_02_SCL. Few weeks back due to some other issues the data updated upstreams of 2LIS_02_SCL was incorrect. We keep data in PSA only for a week; so there's no way i can reconstruct by rolling back some loads.

Now, I have a complete list of Purchase orders (from my old request) that have bad data and need to correct only those purchase orders (which are around 10k). Unfortunately, our first layer DSO is set up to SUMMATION for most of the key figures and to OVERWRITE to some key figures like net price.

Due to summation, if i just run full load then my existing records are going to get doubled. So we changed the transformation to all key figures as overwrite but it still doubled the key figures due to incorrect chosen key (delivery date is in key). Now I'm running out of options...

Any ideas in selectively correction of data in SCL ?