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Sep 19, 2011 at 01:02 PM

Release strategy


Hi All,

I have created a release strategy with 3 characteristics with class XYZ for PO.

1. Plant

2. Target QM system field in materia master

3. Returns indicator in PO

For characteristic 2 & 3 two fieds were inserted into CEKKO programmatically. This release strategy is working fine.

Now I want to create a new release strategy for PO which should be triggered only if there is particular purchasing grp in the PO. But when I try create a new release strategy with a new class the system gives me an error that for overall release only one class is allowed. The existing class XYZ does not have my required characteristic of pruchasing grp. Even when I created a new characteristic Pgrp and added to XYZ and configured the new release startegy by mainatining only the value for Pgrp it is not getting triggered.

Am I missing something or is there some different method to do this?