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Sep 19, 2011 at 05:24 AM

inspection lots as per the PO.


Dear Concerned,

i am having a problem with the no. of inspection lots for a particular Purchase order.

i would like to explain it through an example.

suppose i made a PO of quantity of 2000 tons. and want got 500 tons delivery daily for 4 days. I assumed 4 batches and wanted 1 for a day. after that I wanted 1 inspection lot for a batch(no matter how many GRN's were made), so in the material master I selected for each purchase order item, batch and storage location in the control Insplot tab. Now the quantity of each Grn gets added in the lot automatically. but the problem i am facing is that suppose I do the UD of the lot at 200 tons then when the next GRN is made the lot is not getting generated in the same date.

please provide a solution without any user exit.....

thanks in advance.....