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Sep 17, 2011 at 05:32 PM

F4IF_GET_SHLP_DESCR not working in ECC 6.0?


Hello ABAPers,

We are in progress of upgrading from SAP system from SAP R/3 Release 4.6C to ECC 6.0. We have got an issue while doing testing after upgrade.

The FM F4IF_GET_SHLP_DESCR is used in the custom program to populate all the possible values

by passing the search help values. But the output retrieved from this FM is jumbled up since offset value is which gets populated in the FM DD_SHLP_GET_HELPMETHOD is incorrect.

The offset value in the structure shlp_method-fielddescr-offset of the function module DD_SHLP_GET_HELPMETHOD is getting populated incorrectly.

call function 'F4IF_GET_SHLP_DESCR'


shlpname = shlp-shlpname

shlptype = shlp-shlptype


shlp = shlp_method.

The values passed to shlp-shlpname = TVKO and shlp-shlptype = CH. The offset value returned in shlp_method-fielddescr-offset for field VKORG is 000003 and VTEXT is 000007. Since the diference is very less, the output is getting jumbled up.

Kindly suggest if we have alternative solution/ FM or if any SAP notes are available for this.

Looking forward for your reply <removed by moderator>.

Thanks in Advance!

M M Jaffer

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