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Sep 16, 2011 at 03:43 PM

Fixed asset revaluation on a depreciation area with type 0 - mass load


Dear SAP experts,

We have a requirement to reflect the revaluation on a separate from the book depreciation area on reporting purposes only - without posting to the GL.

We have set up such depreciation aea. We are able to post the revaluation on it via ABAW and it wokrs just fine.

We have numerous fixed assets we have to post the revaluation to.

Is there any way to post it in mass? For example, from an excel file?

We also tried exploring AR29N whihc has such an option. We have set up a new revaluation measure as well. But this does nto wokr for us as AR29N requires to post to the GL and our new depreciation area do not post to the GL (it is a requirement).

As a result, in AR29N we are getting an error message: 'There are no areas to post to in company code xxxx.Using the Customizing functions, check whether the areas to be posted have been given a posting cycle in the company code specified.' (Message no. AA690). That's probably right becuase we do not wish to post to the GL.

Is there any way to post via AR29N on the depreciation area without posting to the GL?

Or should we use some data migration tool to get those values in AA? What would your recommendation be?

Please advise.

Thank you in advance,